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28 afm tvn2 ex ep2 posblinds ogechilhenacho 004 pre video

Post Blinds: Ogechi Ihenacho

25 June 21:30

28 afm tvn2 ex ep2 postblinds itunuogunyemi 004 pre video

Post-Blinds: Itunu Ogunyemi

25 June 21:30

28 afm tvn2 ex ep2 postblinds wilsonodini video

Post-Blinds: Wilson Odini

25 June 21:30

28 afm tvn2 ex ep2 postblinds danieldiongoli video

Post-Blinds: Daniel Diongoli

25 June 21:30


28 afm tvn2 ex ep2 coaches chattalents airtel 004 pre video

Check out what the Coaches had to say about the Talent on Season two

25 June 20:05

28 afm tvn2 ex ep1 coachesbk airtel video

Backstage with the Coaches

18 June 19:30

28 afm tvn2 ep1 promo 004 pre video

The Voice Nigeria is back!

16 June 14:30

28 afm tvn ex coaches throwfawrd 004 pre video

This is what the coaches are looking for!

16 June 09:00


28 afm tvn2 ex ep2 preblinds coke 004 pre video

Pre Blinds: Excitements and nerves

23 June 12:00

28 afm tvn2 ex ep1 preblinds coke 004 pre video

Pre Blinds: Ready and waiting to dazzle

18 June 19:00

28 tvn2 best blind final  1  004 pre video

Laughter, tears and triumph

13 June 15:55

28 afm tvn ex steph throwfoward 004 pre video

From tying the knot to meeting Queen Bey

12 June 09:00


28 business unusual 002 pre

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