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Oviyon 'V' Hunyinbo

Oviyon 'V' Hunyinbo is a 30 year old who is hiding from things he cannot hide from. Oviyon is the apple of his mother’s eye, being the sole survivor out of six conceptions. He has a complicated relationship with his mother who sometimes comes across as a smotherer although she only wants the best for him.

Having excelled in studies early on, he qualified for scholarships, combined with the determination of both his parents to put together the money necessary, and was able to pursue a degree in Art, focusing on Graphic Design. His father passed away while he was in university.

Oviyon was soon making a name for himself in the graphic design scene with his unconventional style  and he got an offer to join a colleague in setting up their own firm, with him heading the art department of an new Young guns style advertising agency.

He was involved in an accident has never recovered from the guilt of the incident.

The entire situation was kept from his family back home. He took a leave of absence from the firm and moved back home to be close to his mother and help settle his father’s assets.

What was supposed to be a three-month visit has become three years as Oviyon is afraid to return to Lagos and face the demons he fled from. 

Introverted and introspective, Oviyon is slow to speak or act. As is sometimes the case with such personalities, when he is moved to act, his reactions can be sometimes drastic.

These days, Oviyon works as a foreman for hire on farms in and around Aji. Focusing his life on taking care of his mother and watching over her health is both an act of love and an act of penance for him.

Played By – Ayoola Ayolola

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