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Will love conquer hate?

Two brothers struggle to get back on good terms after a tragic accident leaves one of them with permanent disability.

09 June 14:16


Stan Nze, Chris Okagbue, Anne Njemanze and Gregory Ojefuwa

Colourless tells the story of two twin brothers whose close relationship is severed by a life changing accident. Stan Nze (who also plays the scheming, heart-throb "Nnamdi' on Battleground) is the lead actor and also the producer of the film. He plays Dave, a young man, who accoridng to Stan himself, becomes a walking heap of misery after losing use of both his lower limbs at the tender age 10. Though it is an innocent mistake, Dave blames his brother for the life changing event.

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He deals with the pain of being wheelchair bound for the rest of his life by lashing out at everyone particularly his brother Ralph whom he believes is living the life he could have had for himself. Ralph endulges him as he feels guilty and responsible for his brother's disability but everyone has limits. Their mother (played by Anne Njemanze) is sadly caught in the cross fire and her pleas for peace fall on deaf ears. Will Dave's bitterness drive a permanent wedge between the two of them or will he find it in his heart to forgive and let go?

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